Ytrehorn Clothing Company is a Minnesota based brand paying respects to the Ytrehorn brothers who settled in America in the early 1900's. Striving for style for adventuring outdoors, being cozy at home, or on the go, our clothing products are sure to offer you comfort, with style.


Ytrehorn, pronounced "Yittrahorn," means "Outer Horn" in Norwegian. Ytrehorn is a small mountain area nestled in western Norway, overlooking Hornindal Lake, the deepest lake in Europe. A 455 M hike from the lake will get you to the top of "Ytrehornsnakken". A tradition for Norwegians who hike and reach the top is to light a bonfire. Ytrehornsnakken is named one of the 20 Fjord Trails of unforgettable hikes.
Ytrehorn Clothing Company honors the 4 Ytrehorn men who left Norway and the 3 who permanently settled in America beginning in 1901. They resided on a farm on Ytrehorn, which is where their surname originated. Relatives of those 4 Ytrehorn men remain in both Minnesota and Ytrehorn and Hornindal areas of Norway.
Norway is a country known for its peaceful, active, and adventurous people who enjoy the outdoors by activities such as hiking, skiing, running, and many more. Norway is also famous for it's beautiful landscape, including the magnificent fjords.
Ytrehorn Clothing Company aims to embrace the Norwegian heritage that was passed on from the Ytrehorn brothers to their children and their children's children. Fun, style and adventure. We hope you enjoy!